Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the New Mom

February 10, 2017 Tips & Advice

In this journey called life we’re all going to encounter lots of firsts; first date, first anniversary, first baby, first Valentine’s Day, first Valentine’s Day as a new mom! So, what do you get this new mommy of yours as she experiences the joy – and exhaustion – that comes with motherhood?

We came up with a few ideas to help you get started and compiled a list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your new mommy!

    • Pampering! Book her a massage or other fun spa treatments. Figure out what she’ll like most; maybe a facial, upgraded mani/pedi, body scrub, etc. Take a look at the treatments menu of your local spa and get booking! Plan to take care of baby for a few hours before and after her appointment so she has plenty of time to get ready and even sneak in a post-appointment nap after her super relaxing treatments.
    • Take her out to do something that she wanted to but couldn’t when she was pregnant, like wine tasting, a romantic sushi dinner or go on a beautiful hike somewhere.
    • You can never go wrong with jewelry.
    • A subscription to Graze. Taking care of a new baby can feel overwhelming and sometimes interferes with our own mealtimes.  Mama may be struggling to prep and eat a healthy meal.  Show her your support of a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious snack subscription. She can even change out the snacks every month to see what she likes.
    • Ready to relax, but not ready for prime time trips in public?  Create an oasis at home with a bath set and candles.  She’ll love pampering herself with bath treats like bath bombs, oils, salts, scrubs, bubbles, and a bath pillow. During your “shift” of caring for your new bundle of joy, she’ll have time to relax and use the soothing treats you just got her.  Bonus points if you add in an Amazon gift card or purchase a new book she’s been wanting to read.
    • Arrange for a family photoshoot. It’s a great way to commemorate the birth of your baby and provides a great family bonding experience. Make a day of it and go someplace nice to eat afterwards.
    • If she’s into coffee get her an espresso machine. With all those late-night feedings, there’s no doubt she’s needing some energy during the day and probably doesn’t have time to make frequent coffee runs. With an espresso machine, she can make her own iced caramel macchiatos, lattes, mochas, and whatever else she’s into. Just make sure you also get her some good quality espresso and a carafe for milk steaming and frothing to go with it.
    • Cute comfy PJ’s. She should be comfortable and cozy when it’s time to get some sleep and nothing accomplishes that like the perfect pair of pajamas! Find out if she prefers flannel, silk, or maybe just one of your t-shirts and a pair of shorts or sweat pants. Whatever helps her get that much-needed rest!
    • Speaking of rest, give the gift of sleep. Get her a sleeping mask or two. One to block out light when she’s napping and another that’s filled with a gel solution that she can wear to prevent puffy eyes from all those late nights. Add an essential oils diffuser for added relaxation and you’re sure to earn some brownie points.
    • Help her take a load off by hiring some extra help around the house, or someone to run errands. If you’re not sure where to look you can always check out Task Rabbit,, or Yelp for some good services in your area. Even better would be to plan a fun activity, dinner or outing and then come back to a clean home. Who wouldn’t love that?

Hopefully this helps give you some ideas on what you can get your special lady as tackles mommyhood.  And if you’re planning to take baby out of the house while mom relaxes in the tub or catches a few extra winks, be sure to check out our car seat safety checklist. Ladies, if you’re reading this and see anything you like, be sure to give your partner a huge hint and share this on social media.  Happy Valentine’s Day!