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rear facing car seat

Extended Rear Facing

Rear facing is 5x safer for younger children. Your precious cargo can remain rear facing in a Diono convertible car seat up to 45 lbs (radian) or 50 lbs (rainier).

forward facing harness car seat

Forward Facing Harness Use

You decide when it's the right time to turn forward facing with our convertible seats. Forward facing harness capacity up to 65 lbs.

Side Impact Protection

Our full steel alloy frame creates the strongest car seats available. Your child is cocooned in comfort while the aluminum reinforced side walls and headrest provide complete head to hip protection.

high back booster car seat

Moving to a Booster

Expandable sides and extendable headrest grow with your child as they reach each milestone. Diono convertible car seats can be used in booster mode up to 120 lbs - or graduate to a new look with our lightweight monterey XT.

Rear Facing Installation

Quickly and easily install your Diono convertible car seat following our step-by-step guide and how-to videos below.

Rear facing is up to 5x safer for younger children in the event of a crash. Rainier is rated for extended rear facing up to 50 lbs. Radian rXT, r120 and r100 seats allow for rear facing up to 45 lbs.

In certain circumstances, the angle adjuster can be used to improve positioning and create additional leg room within your vehicle.

Install a rear facing Diono car seat with SuperLATCH

Install a rear facing Diono car seat with Lap/Shoulder Belt

Using top tether with a rear facing car seat

Need additional leg room?

Rear facing car seats

Up to 5x safer

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