Jamie Grayson TheBabyGuyNYC

Jamie Grayson went from a theatre nerd to renowned baby gear nerd after an exciting 4 1/2 year journey as a product demonstrator and personal shopper at buybuyBaby in Manhattan and a year at NYC’s top birth education center.

Armed with an Angry Baby and no filter, Jamie has quickly become one of the most well-respected experts in the baby gear & child safety space for more than a decade. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Jamie is passionate about helping parents make decisions on the best baby gear they can use to make life simpler & more enjoyable through honest and entertaining product testing and reviews.

You can find Jamie traveling the globe speaking at expectant parent events or hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @TheBabyGuyNYC. You may also catch him attending musicals, experimenting in the kitchen, & drinking copious amounts of coffee. And #wine. Let’s not forget that.

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