Harness The Love

February 10, 2015 Tips & Advice

We know you love your children with all of your heart and soul! At Diono, we want your children to be as safe as possible when riding in the car. In last month’s photo contest on our Facebook Page, you showed us your children buckled up in the back seat. In honor of Valentine’s Day we want to give you some loving advice on how to properly buckle up baby. Most of the photos had baby properly buckled and the harness correctly adjusted, but here are a few reminders on the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to buckling in baby. Thanks for sharing your loved ones with us!

Please note, the photos showing incorrect use are random photos we found on the internet. The photos showing correct use came from your contest entries! Great job everyone!

DO Keep your baby rear-facing for as longs as possible. Pay attention to the maximum height and weight limits of the car seat.

DO Buckle your infant and toddlers in a 5-point harness for as long as possible. A young toddler’s pelvic bones are not developed enough for them to use a belt positioning booster. You can choose to keep your toddler rear-facing if they meet the car seat requirements.

DO Check and double check for a correct installation. You can visit with a certified technician or watch the installation videos on most car seat manufacturer’s websites. Car seats should fit tight in the vehicle. Find a local certified Child Passenger Safety Technician near you: http://cert.safekids.org

DO Make sure the harness is fitting properly with the straps over the shoulders, around the hips and in between the legs. They should look like a race car driver!

DO Place the chest clip at armpit level. If it’s too low, the straps do not stay on top of the shoulders. This is very dangerous for your child.

DON’T Use a heavy coat or snow suit on your child when they are in a car seat with a harness. It’s too thick and gives you a false sense that the harness is adjusted snug enough. A thin fleece jacket and cute hat like Megan is wearing is perfect!

Show your love every time you travel in the car. Take the time to buckle up your little one properly and secure yourself as well. After all, your baby needs you to stay safe, too!