Great Scot! Tartan Week Sale

April 4, 2016 Tips & Advice

Scottish inventions have helped to revolutionize daily life and lead to some of the modern conveniences we rely on as parents today. With Tartan Week on the horizon, we began to think about all of the different inventions that have influenced our development as a car seat manufacturer.

5 Scottish Inventions We Love:

1. Tyres: The first vulcanized rubber pneumatic tire was invented by Robert William Thomson, but didn’t really catch on. John Boyd Dunlop re-envisioned the pneumatic tire for his child’s tricycle and patented the design in 1888. While his invention didn’t make him rich, Dunlop lived long enough to see it become the foundation of an industry that keeps our vehicles (and us) moving.

2. Tarmac: Another car-related invention. John McAdam was a Scottish engineer and road-builder. He invented a process called “macadamisation” for building roads with a hard surface that was more durable and less muddy than soil-based roads. Modern road construction still reflects McAdam’s influence and “Tarmac” takes its name from the combination of tar as a binding agent and the “macadam” process.

3. Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell, born in Edinburgh, patented the telephone in 1876. The telephone revolutionized communications and there are now more than 500 million used around the world. Let’s face it, where would we be without our phones?! Most of us can’t leave the house without one.

4. Thermos Bottles: A staple of on-the-go parenting, the idea for the modern thermos was introduced by Sir James Dewar (1842 – 1923). He invented the Dewar flask to keep liquids cool in the laboratory. The same approach was applied to the thermos, allowing hot liquids to stay hot and cold things to remain cool by isolating them from their surroundings and minimizing heat flow.

5. Tubular Steel: Our personal favorite*, engineer Sir William Fairbairn of Kelso, Scotland developed the idea of using tubular steel, which is stronger than solid steel, as a construction material.

Bonus: Sir James Young Simpson (1811 – 1870) pioneered the use of anesthesia during surgery and childbirth. Whether you use it or not, we think mothers everywhere can agree that it’s nice to have the option!*

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