Diono Safety Training Goes International

August 24, 2014 Product News

In July, Diono hosted another Child Passenger Safety Certification class. Our instructor team included our Global Safety Advocate, Allana Pinkerton, and Sue Emery from Washington State Safety Restraint Coalition. While most classes are open to the public, this particular training had some special guests: the first trainees to come from China to the U.S. to take the course.

One of those guests was our very own VP of Sales for China, Jiang Wu, and the other was an editor from iFeng an online parenting magazine in China. Many car seats are made in China, but regulations are just now on the horizon to help reduce the death and injuries among China’s children. With less than half of Chinese parents using child seats regularly and car ownership increasing in the burgeoning middle class, Chinese children are at high risk for car accident fatalities. Some estimates put the rates at almost three times that of children in the United States. As a global leader in child safety, it is important for Diono to take an active role in helping establish advocates in China to raise awareness about the importance of child seats.

Last year, the Chinese government issued a report exploring the possibility of mandatory child seat use and is preparing to issue a proposal to that effect this year. Similar regulation is already in place in Shanghai, but enforcement is difficult. In the United States, all fifty states require safety seats for infants and children, though individual regulations vary by state. Proper installation and use are the most important factors in preventing injuries and fatalities, making certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians absolutely vital. With these new laws and more training, China can take a big step forward in protecting its children.

In addition to our international guests, Warehouse Manager and father of three, Brandon Key earned his certificate along with our Brand Manager, Amy Bragg, and Dominique Paller, one of our Customer Service Representatives. As usual, the course culminated with a car seat check at a local hospital. In order to show the students from China how a CPST can work with their community, we spent part of the day at a retail store and met with private clients.