Hi I’m Allana.

One of the most important steps that families tend to miss is keeping their child in a belt positioning booster seat until they fit in an adult seat belt.

Here we have to 9 year old boys, they are actually brothers. Both are different sizes but both of them are missing some component in passing the five-step test to be able to use the adult seat without a booster seat.

So here we have Karen who it’s not quite touching the floor. The lap belt is on his soft abdomen and the shoulder belt is not touching his collarbone.

And then Liam over here is touching with feet on the floor sitting straight up. The lap belt is a little bit on his soft abdomen and not touching his collarbone either. So now let’s take a look at how they both fit in a couple of the Diono belt positioning booster seats.

As you can see both boys are fitting much safer in the adult seat belt using a booster seat.
Over here we have are all in one convertible car seat converted to booster mode.

And over here are dedicated boosters the Monterey XT.

Both allow the lap belt to fit high on the thighs and the shoulder belt to fit Center on the collarbone. This is a much safer way for bigger kids to ride. Remember don’t consider age consider size and weight of your child. I’m a lot of Pinkerton safe travels enjoy the journey.