Angela Shymanski

Mom is lucky to be alive, and she has her five year-old daughter to thank for it.

In June of 2015, Angela Shymanski was driving home to Prince George, B.C., from Calgary with a lullaby playing on the CD player to soothe her two kids Lexi and Peter, who were strapped in to their car seats in the back seat.

The soft music caused Angela to nod off while behind the wheel, and her SUV veered down a 40-foot embankment and crashed into a tree. She was knocked unconscious.

Her daughter Lexi woke up strapped into her diono car seat to the sound of her baby brother crying.

She unclipped the harness on her car seat, which was lodged against the seat in front of her, opened the damaged car’s passenger door and made her way up the rugged terrain without any shoes on.

Then the brave girl flagged down a passing car and told the driver what happened.

The motorist rescued baby Peter and went back to the road to ask another driver, who ended up being a paramedic, for help with the children’s unconscious mother.

When Angela came to, she was staring at a stranger who told her what her daughter had done, and that her kids were safe.

“I just couldn’t even believe what she had done.”

“He said, ‘Your little girl, she hiked up this embankment and flagged us down,’” Angela said. “And he said, ‘Don’t worry, they’re both up at the top, at the highway and they’re fine.’ ”

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